How do I build a Cavity Wall?

A Cavity wall is superior both from a water penetration/dampness and an energy efficiency perspective.

The bonding pattern/layout of bricks around windows

  • Please see attachment 1 for various options available.

The installation of lintels  - 280 mm cavity wall)

  • As per the drawing on attachment 2: You would need to use two lintels, one 106mm and the other 164mm as illustrated.

Installation and waterproofing of window sills

  • Attachment 2 shows for various options

Closing, sealing and rain-proofing the tops of parapet walls.

  • Two methods are shown on attachment 1 but I would suggest you discuss this with a waterproofing or roof specialist before implementing.

Recommended : wall-tie spacing

We recommend at least 3 wall ties per sqm of walling. I'm not sure which region of SA you reside in but in Cape Town these are readily available at nearly every building material supplier.

I need to stress that the drawings attached are only typical details and each projects detail need to designed around that specific applications. Therefore, I would strongly recommend that it be discussed with a qualified architect or engineer to see if they are best suited for your particular application.

All the best to you with this project.

The attachment are from "Building Construction and Graphic Standards" written by Andre Grobbelaar. For a more detailed referencing herewith the books details:

ISBN-13: 9780620077873 (ISBN-10: 0620077875)
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Anglo-Rand Publications
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