Clay Brickmaking Course

The Institute for Ceramic Education run by Cermalab cc will run a heavy clay brickmaking course commencing on 21 February 2018. The course will run over a period of sixteen (16) weeks every alternative Wednesday from 8h30 till 16h30 in the afternoon.

WHO should attend? 

Factory Managers, Production Managers, Production Foremen, Supervisors, Quality Assurance Managers, laboratory staff, sales staff and suppliers of materials and equipment to brick makers.


The course will be held at the CSIR premises in Pretoria.


The cost of the course is R12 000 per learner excluding VAT, paid in advance. This includes course material, lunch and tea/coffee.   

ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS: Learners must be able to read and write in English.

Course content

  1. The geology of clays, structural geology, minerals and rocks, weathering of rocks, clay formation and the properties of clays.
  2. Winning of raw materials, raw material storage, unwanted materials occurring in clay reserves.
  3. Feeders, conveyers, souring systems, screens, mixers and ejectors.
  4. Comminution machinery (crushing and grinding).
  5. Shaping methods, cutters and column surface treatment.
  6. Drying and drying systems.
  7. Firing and firing systems.
  8. Testing, soluble salts, scumming and efflorescence.

The course covers all the brickmaking processes, methods and equipment presently used in the industry. The theory is explained in easy understandable terms suitable for the South African conditions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

During the course the learners attend a theoretical session for a day during each two weeks. During the following two weeks the learners will use the theoretical information to prepare an assignment, which they present to the class during the following session. This gives the learner the time and opportunity to learn the module they completed, utilize the information to understand his/her factory’s processes and equipment better, identify problem areas in the factory and propose solutions to those problems. The main objectives being to improve quality, reduce waste and increase yields of the higher grade products.

Course facilitators

Pieter du Toit M.Sc. (Engineering Ceramics) Leeds University U.K. Previously laboratory manager, production manager, senior lecturer in Ceramics Technology and facility manager at a large research institution. Thirty eight years experience in the ceramics industry.

Dries van Vuuren B.Sc. (Hons.)(Ceramics Technology) Stoke-on-Trent U.K. Forty three years experience in the clay brick industry including clay brick manufacturing, clay brick testing, research and development, heavy clay training and brick making consultancy.

For bookings, please complete and return the attached student registration form

Contact Cermalab

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Tel: (012) 841-2445
Cell: 071 493- 0452


Audrey Senekal
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