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2016 CBA Advertising

This series of full page and A5 advertisements shows the beauty of clay brick. There are 12 images representing commercial, residential, low cost and public sector buildings.

As a clay brick member, you may adapt and use these advertisements. There is no charge from the CBA, and a nominal cost of R650 to include your own contact details. Please contact Dianne Volek at InterComm SA ( for further information.

Homeowners, property developers and architects are the primary target market of the CBA's advertising messages

Marketing Message

  • The benefits of clay brick over other materials
  • Clay Brick meets or exceeds building regulation requirements effortlessly
  • Clay Brick is easy to work with and there are exciting new "superbrick" products (wide/tall maxi bricks) that save time and costs.
  • Clay Brick is easily accepted by clients (home owners and infrastructure clients)
  • Clay Brick is a trending choice with architectural innovators
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energy savings

Energy Efficient & Sustainable


Desirable & Stylish