The CBA represents the clay brick and paver manufacturers of Southern Africa.

We inspire sustainable, contemporary brick architecture and building design in all areas of the built environment: commercial, residential and landscape.

2019 Advertising Campaign

The CBA’s marketing role is to expand the market for clay brick through education, information and inspiration. This is achieved by working together with members to promote clay bricks and pavers as the most desirable walling and paving solution.
Our strategy goes back to business principles.

  1. Who exactly is - or could be - buying bricks and what does he/she care about?
    • We focus on end-users. If the home owner or developer demands clay brick, then clay brick is quoted and purchased.  Given a choice, contractors will try switch to cement bricks, so our decision-makers need to be educated.
    • We also market to “influencers” including architects and construction professionals.
  2. Which media channels are the best sales representatives for clay brick as a construction material, and our member’s clay bricks in particular?  
    • We appeal traditional home owners and influencers through the website, trade and consumer advertising and printed publications.
    • We appeal to the younger market with a strong online presence.
    • We appeal to direct buyers through the website member profiles.
  3. What core message is going to influence our customer to choose brick, and to buy it from a CBA member?
    • Focus on the value clay bricks offer to both traditional and younger home owners.
    • Build and improve on current benefits and product knowledge.
  4. What is our Return on Investment?
    • Measurable marketing: website, social media, Google adverts & newsletters.
    • Unmeasurable marketing: printed adverts & media and events.

Marketing Objectives

  • Increase AWARENESS of clay brick benefits.
  • EDUCATE architects through CPD presentations & workshops in different regions.
  • EDUCATE contractors through updated and convenient Contractor’s and Paving Handbooks and other publications of interest to the construction industry.
  • EDUCATE member and distributor sales staff through provincial sales training workshops.
  • EDUCATE members – distribute Associate members service list.
  • EDUCATE students on the process of brickmaking.
  • INSPIRE architects through the newsletter demonstrating new projects, new products, trends and sustainability issues.
  • INFORM end buyers and home owners in a non-technical way through the website – drive users to the website through advertising, articles, news and search engines.
  • PUSH buyers to CBA members through the convenient member search with product profile.



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