The CBA represents the clay brick and paver manufacturers of Southern Africa.

We inspire sustainable, contemporary brick architecture and building design in all areas of the built environment: commercial, residential and landscape.

2019 AGM & Conference



Thank you to all our sponsors, speakers & delegates!

We were supported by 67 conference delegates, and a total of 112 people.  On behalf of the CBA Board of Directors, thank you to all our organisers, sponsors, speakers and delegates who made this an unforgettable and fun event.  Thank you to our host Johan and the regional Mpumalanga team and especially to organisers Mariana and Marnie.

The 2019 CBA AGM was all about the impact our businesses have on the environment.  Throughout the 3 days we identified animals that used to be prolific across the African continent.  These iconic species - the evolutionary winners for tens of thousands of years – have dwindled to small populations, and are now close to extinction.  


We are talking about more than just your carbon footprint,  but the ENTIRE footprint you leave behind on the earth.  

  • Are you making the best possible use of water and other resources that you take out the soil? 
  • Have you planted trees to hold the soil or restore the bushveld?
  • Have you left open areas of sand to wash topsoil into the rivers?
  • Are your roads damped down to stop dust, do you reuse your waste?   

The footprint you leave on the earth today, is the legacy you leave for the future.  

With the hard reality of so many local animals facing extinction, we hope to see all CBA members make a renewed commitment to our theme of reducing our industry’s carbon footprint.

The AGM would not be affordable without our generous sponsors, who helped to offset the cost of providing exceptional evening events, superb speakers and all the goodies and giveaways. Please support them wherever you can!

Photographs from the 56th AGM. Thank you to photographer Natasha Bird!

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