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Are clay bricks petrol & diesel resistant?

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Maintaining bricks

A burnt clay facebrick type product is resistant to petrol and diesel. For many years Caltex specified only clay pavers for their garage forecourts for this reason (Tarmac was never used as petrol and diesel attack it) Although petrol can stain bricks, they are easy to clean.

Acid resistant clay tanks are common in industry and these willl also cope best with petrol and diesel. We would suggest a specialized mortar and possibly a lining is used. There are many specialist suppliers – just search the net!

The acid and chemical resistant clay bricks are featured products in various construction and refractory applications and are available in various shapes and types such as Arch Bricks, Tapper Bricks, Sleeves, Tongue & Groove Bricks.

Chemical resistant clay bricks are used in following application areas:

  • Chemical plants: Dyes, Intermediates, Acids and Alkalies
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Thermal power plants for chimney construction
  • Petrochemicals and refineries
  • Pharmaceuticals etc
  • Galvanizing Plants


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