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Calculate Carbon Tax Exposure

MARCH 2017

The Carbon Tax Impact Assessment Model (spreadsheet) allows individual brick makers to determine the total volume of emissions over which it will become liable under the Carbon Tax as well as the total costs and the costs per 1000 standards bricks it will incur. In addition to this the model will provide insight into the energy consumption and both energy and carbon mitigation options.

The Carbon Tax Waterfall aims at providing a schematic breakdown of the emissions over which an entity becomes liable under the Carbon tax. The waterfall provides insight into the main contributors to the taxable emissions as well as components that can reduce and entity’s exposure.

The Carbon Tax Impact Assessment Model was developed by EcoMetrix Africa (Pty) Ltd. for the Clay Brick Association (CBA) with the assistance of the Energy Efficient Clay Brick (EECB). The EECB is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by Swisscontact. The model has been configured and its outputs prepared by EcoMetrix Africa (Pty) Ltd for the exclusive use by members of the CBA.


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