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Energy Efficient

ABT structural failures at Good Hope Primary School

Clay brick has always been the material of choice for sustainable, low maintenance and long lasting infrastructure. Schools, clinics and houses built over the past 100 years all across South...view more

The Study objective was to identify amongst a set of walling types which of these solutions and construction methodologies provide the best balance

Passive Solar Design aims at realising thermal comfort in a building through correct design and operating it with nature in mind.

This leaflet was prepared for the Master Builders Association.

Green building in South Africa is growing at an unprecedented rate and has now overtaken that of established sustainability building regions such as Europe, Australia, United States, United Arab...view more

The solid all round performance and investment value that clay brick brings to residential housing remains unparalleled. Local and international comparative research continues to compound...view more

As the need for more sustainable housing grows, clay brick in construction's superior composite offering, none more so than in the critical areas of energy efficiency, indoor air quality,...view more

Clay Brick is confirmed as intrinsically ‘perfect’ for defining a sustainable and more energy efficient future.

The ante towards building greater sustainability into the built environments...view more


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Energy Efficient & Sustainable


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