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Technical Note #23 Energy Management & Reporting Regulations

South Africa is committed to regulating and transforming the energy sector, to enable the provision of secure, sustainable and affordable energy. Monitoring energy consumption within South Africa’s economy forms part of this mission. As such the Department of Energy published Draft Regulations Regarding Registration, Reporting on Energy Management and Submission of Energy Management Plans  which were gazetted in March 2015.

The draft regulations aim to monitor and manage energy consumption from large energy consumers in South Africa, but have yet to be finalised.

Lead department: Department of Energy

The draft regulations classify energy consumers into two categories: those that exceed 180 Terajoules (TJ) and those that exceed 400 Terajoules (TJ).

  • Companies exceeding the 180 TJ threshold (±1.5million Bricks per month*) must disclose annual energy consumption data. Energy data must be measured and collected per calendar year.
  • Companies exceeding the 400 TJ threshold (±3.5 million Bricks per month*) must additionally develop an energy management plan. Energy management plans are to be updated at regular five year intervals. Once these draft regulations come into effect, data providers will have 12 months to submit the first energy management plan.

* At production varies, this is an estimated average using the value of 3.23 MJ/kg fired brick and 3kg per brick.

Technical assistance and information on this page has been provided by Promethium Carbon.


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