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SA Clay Brick Sector Energy Efficiency Guidelines

The Energy Guideline is one of three publications developed with the aim of assisting the South African brick sector to reduce its energy costs and become more energy efficient. These guidelines will provide a deeper understanding of the international benchmarks of energy use, and assist fixed kiln sites to visualise their thermal energy flow and understand the best practices and business cases that could be relevant to them.

With rising energy costs for both electricity and fuels, and given that in the brick sector energy can account for between 40% and 60% of production costs, energy efficiency represents a significant opportunity for cost reduction.

Through the guidelines, brick manufacturers will have access to numerous best practice opportunities each with the cost of deployment, expected savings and simple paybacks likely to be achieved.  

The guidelines also provide detailed business cases based on the best practices. The business cases will provide brick manufacturers with information about how best to go about implementing the measures.


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