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Brick Manufacturers & Members

Early mine workers homes on the Witwatersrand

A few days ago, the DJ's at a local radio station disparaged the city of Brakpan for its old-fashioned “facebrick” houses.

The brick homes found in Brakpan, Benoni and elsewhere on...view more

Do you hire a private security firm? Please note that when signing contracts with security firms, they must comply with these basic conditions of employment for the sector.

The Department...view more

The CBa clamp kiln research shows the dust is one of the biggest sources of pollution and reduce air quality. Watering is one of the cost-effective ways to reduce dust, but in a water scarce...view more

South African companies, who are among the highest per capita carbon emitters in the world, will soon be compelled by law to tell the government how much greenhouse gas they emit every year....view more

This report provides a Sustainable Building Materials Index (SBMI) assessment of bricks made at a brick making site in Dukathole, near Alliwal Nort

It is our pleasure to present this report on Informal Clay Brick Making in the Eastern Cape and hope it will provide valuable information and a dee

That was our biggest and best AGM & Conference ever! We were supported by 75 conference delegates, and a total of 137 people.

The 51st Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Clay Brick Association of South Africa took place in the Drakensburg from 1 to 4 May 2014.

The Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT) has embarked on a project aimed at reviewing and amending prioritised Registration Certi

Attached is a range of documents related to the Department of Minerals & Energy legislation, guidelines and reuirements

Habla Zig-Zag Kilns International (HZZKI) based in Australia visited South Africa the first week of May, assessing the South African market, potential opportunities and working out next steps for...view more

Please note that the attached downloads are for convenience. Please consult the SA government website for the most recent legislation.

The Carbon Tax Study, has been able to generate a similar level of interest and appreciation of the VSBK Projects involvement within the sector.

This project to determine whether energy savings are possible from substituting recycled soda lime glass for other ceramic raw materials in brick m

Aggregates and sand from quarries and borrow pits are essential to keeping the country's construction industry supplied.


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