The CBA represents the clay brick and paver manufacturers of Southern Africa.

We inspire sustainable, contemporary brick architecture and building design in all areas of the built environment: commercial, residential and landscape.

Industry News

3 years ago
A thermal performance comparison between six walling construction materials frequently used in South Africa When selecting building materials,... read more

1 month ago
CBA Chairman Hendrik van Dyk reflects on the year past, and the year ahead: “The Mpumalanga Lowveld enjoys ‘Champagne Weather’ - sunny autumn days... read more

2 months ago
Over Covid, many industry-based non-profits have struggled to support their members. The Clay Brick Association of Southern Africa is not one of them... read more

3 months ago
This month's top project is the story of Fred, Ben, D&S Planning Studio, an aging Victorian and a long, sloping site with development potential... read more

3 months ago
Trade Union Solidarity has announced the completion of its new Sol-Tech Occupational Training College campus in Gauteng. The campus was built within... read more

3 months ago
If you look into the definition of a wall, it is an architectural structure designed to protect inside from outside primarily from intrusion, to... read more

3 months ago
Local clay brick is arranged in an authentic, artisanal geometric pattern, using repetition to create continually changing light and shadows... read more

3 months ago
Covid-19 has meant we are all at home — and we are using our homes in different ways. Homeowners are on track to spend more on renovations this year... read more

3 months ago
A well-designed cavity wall built from a high-density masonry material like clay brick offers two key benefits: It provides excellent insulation... read more

3 months ago
This innovative architectural project at the University of the Witwatersrand has delivered affordable and sustainable student accommodation with... read more

5 months ago
Although GHG Emission Reports to DEFF are only due by Wednesday 31 March, it is time to prepare! Now more than ever, it is essential to ensure your... read more

5 months ago
In January 2021, South Africa’s construction industry has united to form an umbrella body, Construction Alliance South Africa (CASA). The founding... read more

5 months ago
Yesterday our Industry turned a page. As you would recall the CBA have joined forces last year with various Industry leaders to get a voice to... read more

6 months ago
Cermalab manages a SANAS accredited (T0855) materials testing and materials sector training laboratory, serving the heavy clay, ceramic and... read more

7 months ago
Algoa Brick recently published it's latest Sustainability Report. Ongoing monitoring and reporting across key sustainability indicators is pivotal to... read more