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Buildings completed in 2014

The value of building plans passed and buildings completed are two indicators that can be used to gauge the state of the building industry. The infographic outlines some key findings from Stats SA’s latest Selected building statistics of the private sector as reported by local government institutions report.

The value of recorded building plans passed by larger municipalities (at current prices) increased by 10,8% (R9 426,3 million) in 2014 compared with 2013. All three major categories reported increases, namely residential buildings (contributing 9,2% or R8 023,8 million), additions and alterations (contributing 1,1% or R979,1 million) and non-residential buildings contributing 0,5% or R423,4 million.

Regarding residential building plans passed, the largest contribution was recorded for dwelling-houses (69,0% or R31 984,4 million), followed by flats and townhouses (28,5% or R13 207,6 million) and ‘other’ residential buildings (2,5% or R1 135,4 million).


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