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CBA speaks at international clean air conference

CBA Technical Director Nico Mienie represented the CBA as one of 50 representatives from nine African countries to policy and technical actions that can be taken to reduce SLCPs, in particular black carbon, from the brick sector.

Hosted by Morocco's Ministry of Environment as part of the lead up to COP-22, the workshop's objective is to support the Paris Agreement goal to keep global warming well under 2°C through regional cooperation to improve the efficiency and reduce emissions from Africa's brick sector.

The Bricks initiative is an important CCAC effort and aims to make the traditional brick kiln sector cleaner and more sustainable in Asia, Latin America and Africa while providing local economic development, improved health, and better working conditions. During the first two years of the Bricks Initiative, the Coalition made great progress in each of its original objectives to: 1) support development and implementation of policies, and 2) build capacity to convert or replace brick kilns with lower-emitting technologies and practices in a way that improves climate, air quality, working conditions and health, while producing higher quality bricks.

Key Conclusions from the meeting

  • The Post-Paris Agreement offers a clear opportunity for CCAC countries to enhance interaction between the brick sector, climate change and air quality priorities by influencing the efficiency of the brick sector, working in cooperation at the regional level to integrate measures to mitigate SLCPs from the sector in their NDCs
  • There is a need to increase awareness about the health and environmental impact of short-lived climate pollutant emissions from brick making in Africa
  • Improving black carbon emission inventories from the brick sector across the region will support the identification of priorities for national planning, and will strengthen communication on advantages of reducing emissions
  • The need to promote technology transfer and innovative solutions for small and medium sized brick makers
  • The need to reinforce financial aid for reduction of SLCPs with job creation
  • The need to strengthen partnership with the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction
  • Participants called on the establishment of an African network to reduce SLCPs from bricks


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