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CBA sponsors prizes for students

Studying is hard, and 2020 was the worst possible year! All schools and institutions of higher education were forced to close from March necessitating alternative ways of ensuring access to education.

The CBA celebrates 5 students from two universities who achieved outstanding results under the toughest conditions.

Nelson Mandela University

"On behalf of the CBA I would like to congratulate three NMU students who have completed or are working towards their Bachelor of Architectural Studies," announced CBA executive director Mariana Lamont. 

"They have remained committed to their studies through a pandemic that made it exponentially harder to stay motivated. We are proud to offer this special contribution, as a reward for their performance and hard work.

The 2020 Clay Brick performance Awards for Nelson Mandela University. go to:

  • Zara Poorun for Best all-round performance by a student in BAS Hons (Amount: R2 000)
  • Katelin Hagemann for Best all-round performance by a student in 3rd year of the BAS degree (Amount: R1000)
  • Danielle Marx for Best all-round performance by a student in 2nd year of the BAS degree (Amount:  R500)

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University's Bachelor of Architectural Studies is a 3-year full-time degree. It offers a variety of subject including Geometric Drawing, Architectural Theory and CAD Computer Design. The course is hands-on, and graduates are well-prepared to launch successful careers in the field of architecture.

University of Cape Town

The CBA also sponsored two prizes of R2 000 and R1 500 respectively for the two top students in the subjects of Construction Technology. The prize is open to students in first, second or third year.

"I would also like to express our gratitude for your continuing interest in our department and for supporting our students in this way," wrote Department Manager Julie Thempsett. "We really do appreciate the support!"

  • Anita Ferger: Best all-round performance by a student in Construction Technology for 2020 (Amount: R2 000)
  • Hermina van der Berg: Runner up (Amount: R1 500)

"We wish all the students success with their studies," concludes Lamont. "Architects and Construction Technologists both play an important role in building sustainable, safe communities."

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