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Dry Running Vacuum pumps for extrusion

Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems has successfully introduced their dry vacuum technology for clay brick extrusion to the African market with 13 local installations (including five market leaders). Although the capital outlay on the Busch system is higher than traditional liquid ring systems, clients can expect a return on investment of under 12 months due to energy savings, quicker drying, better brick quality and reduced waste.

The New Technology -  Rotary Vanes

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are associated with high costs in energy, water and pump downtime and maintenance. The Busch dry running vacuum pumps achieve a 0,1 mBar absolute vacuum versus 33 mBar on liquid rings.  These significant improvements in vacuum levels are associated with savings in utility costs.

The Results Achieved

In many cases, savings are greater than anticipated because the existing liquid ring vacuum system is inefficient.

  • Better vacuum performance of 1.5 to 3 kPa
  • Energy savings 20% - 30% versus liquid ring pumps technology. (Far smaller motors)
  • Zero water costs
  • Reduction in waste of +2% due to improved density and break strength of the bricks
  • Helps with ISO14001 and other certifications.

Apollo Brick in Gauteng installed Busch vacuum pumps in 2015 and soon after invested in them as a permanent installation.

“These pumps enhanced our quality standard on column hardness. It increased our vacuum measurement by 2-3 kPa leading to a reduction in green waste. The ROI through waste reduction is obvious. This technology is energy friendly, compact and requires little maintenance compared to the polluting liquid ring pumps. The sales and after sales service of BUSCH is GREAT.”

Leo van der Meer – Apollo Brick

The History of Busch

Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems is a family-owned business that was founded in Germany in 1963. More than 55 years later, the Busch group is still managed and operated by its original owners, Dr and Mrs Busch, who are actively involved in the company’s global operations. Today, the Busch group is present in 42 countries with 60 subsidiaries, positioning the company in the top ranks of original equipment manufacturers in the world.

The Busch group supplies the latest manufacturing machinery, techniques and solutions that may be used in every industry. Quality management procedures for the group exceeds ISO 9001 requirements – an assurance that all product certifications will meet clients’ specific requirements.

Busch SA was established to serve Africa. As a direct subsidiary of the Busch group, Busch SA is fully equipped to deliver high-quality vacuum technologies and provide expert advice to industries in Africa seeking solutions for a vast range of manufacturing applications.

Contact Details

Busch SA is located in Johannesburg, South Africa with branches in Cape Town and Durban, offering the full range of vacuum solutions for industrial vacuum applications. Find out more about how you can use our experience for your success – visit or contact a professional Busch representative today by e-mail: or telephone: +27 11 856 0650.



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