The CBA represents the clay brick and paver manufacturers of Southern Africa.

We inspire sustainable, contemporary brick architecture and building design in all areas of the built environment: commercial, residential and landscape.

Eastern Cape - Institute of Architect's breakfast

Architects are educated professionals and are keen to expand their knowledge on the latest trends and materials.  The Institute of Architects organizes regular working breakfasts to providing insights, and a forum to discuss topics and issues relating to their profession. Recently, a CBA member from the Eastern Cape, sponsored an Eastern Cape Institute of Architect's breakfast, a part of a long-term campaign to forge strong relationships with the Institute and local architects.

"It is all about engaging in conversations and networking and building relationships,"  says Hendrick White of Makana.

"Events like this give brickmakers an opportunity to proactively interact and network, and really listen to their issues and identify how we can adapt to these important decision-makers. It is a great opportunity interact with industry influencers, and learn their independent views and perspectives."

Architects are key influencers and decision-makers - it is important to the clay brick industry that they are aware of the energy-efficiency benefits of clay brick, and where possible to specify it early in the design phase. Architects are experienced and knowledgeable influencers when dealing with home owners and developers.