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EECB & CBA at 2015 SAEE Convention

The eye-catching Swisscontact/Clay Brick Association Stand
Al-Karim Govindji presenting the Best Practices Guidelines
The Swisscontact/CBA xhibition stand won the SAEE 2015 Best Single Stand Award.

The 10th Annual South African Energy Efficiency Convention held in November 2015 had a national scope for end users and energy professionals in all areas within the energy sector.  The convention featured seminars and exhibitions on a variety of current energy related topics and brought together various stakeholders in the energy efficiency field.

The EECB had a half a day session which was split into two sessions to firstly discuss the various applied energy efficiency practices in the clay brick sector and the secondly, the support systems for energy efficiency transformation, namely the market system, financing and policy regulations.  The EECB brought together experts in energy efficiency with a strong focus on the clay brick sector to lead these discussions.  The seminar provided the delegates with insightful information about the various energy saving innovations currently active in the clay brick sector.

  1. Juancho Hagnauer and John Volsteedt of Swisscontact/EECB presented a brief overview of the EECB project and the project’s approach to policy dialogue, the project’s current activities and the support it provides in raising awareness to the sector regarding specific regulations.
  2. Consultant to the CBA, Chris Dickinson was able to enlighten the delegates on know the best practices would be beneficial to the sector as well as the energy saving potential that exists within the clay brick sector.
  3. Jez Rowe, designer of the VSBK and director at Rowe Construction, shared with the delegates some of challenges faced during the transfer of the VSBK technology to South Africa, some of the learning curves encountered in the process as well as what the technology can do for the sector. 
  4. Corobrick’s Pieter Kidger, with is extensive experience in the sector, shared an overview of the sector’s current status and journey so far towards becoming a more energy efficient sector.
  5. Al-Karim Govindji and Benjamin Curnier, both from the UK based company Carbon Trust, shared with the delegates some of their experiences and insights on the UK guidelines for brick makers in the UK as well as their experience in locating financing mechanisms to fund energy efficiency projects.  Their information played a pivotal part in the establishment of the Best Practices Guidelines for the South African clay brick makers which were also presented to the delegates. 

The EECB sessions proved to be highly insightful and as promised all the delegates were able to engage and liaise with all of our energy experts.

To fully utilise the SAEE platform, the EECB and Clay Brick Association shared an exhibition stand at the convention where both parties showcased their individual and joint initiatives in energy efficiency.  As a result of the creativity that went into creating an eye catching stand, it was awarded the SAEE 2015 Best Single Stand Award. A pedestal made from energy efficient clay bricks was built on the stand attracting much interest and conversation. The EECB and Clay Brick Association would like to thank Apollo Brick, West End Clay Brick and Corobrick for donating the bricks used for the construction of our display table.


The EECB, Clay Brick Association and Carbon Trust would like to thank all the brick makers who attended for their presence.  It was an honour to have you in attendance and as we understand that you have many obligations and we really appreciate your taking time from your busy schedule to join us as well as learn more about energy efficiency.  We hope that what you learnt proves to be fruitful for you and your factory.  Brick makers are welcome to contact either the EECB or the Clay Brick Association for additional assistance in energy efficiency measures.