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GHG Emissions Reports due end March

Although GHG Emission Reports to DEFF are only due by Wednesday 31 March, it is time to prepare!

Now more than ever, it is essential to ensure your emissions data is accurate and complete. For the first time, SARS can cross check emissions put forward for the Carbon Tax with your GHG Report, as the periods are now aligned. It is therefore of great importance to do it right the first time, ensuring accuracy and completeness while also avoiding overstated emissions and a higher tax bill. There is little room to maneuver not to trigger an audit.

Be aware of the changes in the amendments to the National GHG Emissions Reporting Regulations (NGERs) and take note of the following:

  • As indicated, it is the first time that the GHG Reporting and Carbon Tax periods align
  • DEFF only allows submission via the SAGERS portal and requires facility-level GHG reporting
  • Greater stringency from DEFF and SARS is more likely as there is now ample opportunity to do cross checks and sample data on a more detailed level
  • DEFF and SARS are preparing for GHG and Carbon Tax auditing. You should expect more emphasis on validation, verification and maintenance of records

In the attached note, you will find more details on the above, and how our team could assist by means of a quick review, a full GHG calculation or our online EPCAM solution.
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EPCAM is our online software platform, which automatically computes emissions data for GHG and Carbon Tax monitoring and reporting.


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