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Habla Zig-Zag Kilns - Exploratory visit

Following requests from within the brick making community for more information on the Habla Zig-Zag kiln, The EECB project established communications with the Australian based team. Some early discussions have been held, and they have subsequently asked us to assist them in planning an exploratory visit to South Africa and making the necessary introductions.

The visit will take place from 4 – 8 May 2015, with 3 days in Gauteng and 2 days in the Western Cape. The Habla team view it as an exploratory visit to determine the level of interest in the technology, as well as determine the status of the South African clay brick manufacturing sector and how much conditions differ in South Africa versus other developing countries where they have had some exposure. This visit will then guide them as to which delivery mechanisms may be most suited to our sector.

The week’s program is not finalised, but two workshops with interested brick makers will be held for general discussions, one on Wednesday 6 May in Gauteng area and in Cape Town on Thursday 7 May. These workshops are over and above planned factory visits and other meetings with brick makers.

In order to conclude the planning for the workshops in Gauteng and Cape Town, I would like to receive some indication of interest to find out more about the technology and to be able to interact with the Habla team.

Please mail John on me by 17 April if you would be interested in attending one of these two workshops. We would then have a better idea of the numbers and will be able to finalise the venues and program.

About Habla Zig-Zag Kilns

The kiln provides a unique, energy efficient, low emission technology with significant social, environmental and economic benefits. 


  • Long fire zone moving through stationary bricks.
  • Fan - The fire zone is advanced by a low horsepower induced draught, propelled by an axial flow fan.
  • Air flow - Increased air turbulence through use of fan and adjustable dampers, improving firing of bricks and fuel combustion.
  • Setting Pattern - The unique, long zig-zag fire zone allows even the most inferior of fuels to be burnt and clays to be fired.
  • Heat Recycling - Heat is recycled in a continuous process.
  • Pre-drying - Once the bricks have been fired, the heat is reclaimed and used to accelerate the pre-drying of “green” bricks.
  • Structural - Green bricks are used as part of the kilns masonry structure, once the kiln is fired the green bricks become saleable (commercial) product.