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Habla Zig-Zag Kilns International Visit

Habla Zig-Zag Kilns International (HZZKI) based in Australia visited South Africa the first week of May, assessing the South African market, potential opportunities and working out next steps for successfull demonstration of the Habla technology in South Africa.

The HZZKI team visiting South Africa was made up of Peter Habla and Anil Bhatta. Peter is the grandson of the technology inventor (Alois Habla), who had 150 plus kilns operating throughout Europe, USA and Australia between 1927 to 1965.

Anil Bhatta, a Technology Transfer Expert with years of experience in carbon markets (specifically South Africa), were introduced by the Energy Efficient Clay Brick (EECB) project, to brick makers and other industry stakeholders interested in the HZZK technology.

These introductions included four factory visits and two workshops. The Gauteng and Cape Town workshops, attended by 19 and 11 people respectively, gave the HZZK team the opportunity to obtain a huge amount of relevant information and opinion on both their technology and the appetite in South Africa for relevant and sustainable technologies. Some of the topics discussed were drivers for change, opportunities, risks, performance and expectations of the technology.

The factory visits gave some insight into various operations around South Africa, as well as obtaining first-hand information on local conditions.

The HZZKI team will be assessing their visit and will follow this up with a proposal for the development of a demonstration site. Understanding and managing the various aspects around the selection of a suitable site and the subsequent build and operation of a demonstration kiln will be paramount in successfully delivering a HZZK kiln that may then be used for further research and development (R&D), performance monitoring and subsequent roll-out into the South African clay brick sector.

The EECB project team wishes to thank both the HZZKI team for their commitment in coming to South Africa. We also wish to thank the South African participating brick makers and service providers for their contributions at the workshops, hospitality at the factories visited and for hosting some of the meetings. Without these contributions we would not have been able to facilitate this exciting Energy Efficiency initiative.

“We are looking for the right partner to work with us, to Construct, Demonstrate and Reinstate Habla Technology in South Africa” says HZZKI Managing Director Habla

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