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Sustainability performance portal

What is the objective of the online submission of brick manufacturing statistics?

This online platform will allow advanced monitoring of performance against various Key Sustainability Indicators (KSIs). In order to manage and improve performance it is first of all important to know how one is performing currently. By participating in the platform, members will be able to compare their performance against industry benchmarks.Each company’s individual performance figures are protected and kept confidential. The sustainability platform will also help members with carbon tax returns and reporting of GHG emissions. It will form the basis for annual sector-based and individual sustainability reports.        

What key information will need to be provided, and over what period?

Data collected covers clay extraction, products, fuels, water, electricity and waste. In order to establish a useful benchmark of sector performance, data will be collected for 2015, 2016 and 2017. This is a ‘baseline’ against which performance improvements can be monitored. Moving forward, monitoring takes place monthly.

How similar is this to the initial collection of data for the LCA?

The LCA was a once-off assessment of the clay brick sector. The sustainability platform will enable clay brick producers and the sector as a whole to track its performance over time, and see the impact of interventions made. Initially the platform will focus on production statistics, so it is more limited than the LCA that covered the entire supply chain. This minimises and simplifies data entry. Over the next two years, the system will be expanded to cover more elements of the value chain.

What useful reports will be available to business owners?

  • Own performance against sector indicators, including monthly performance trends over time
  • Carbon tax calculator and reporting
  • GHG emission reporting module  

Who will input the data and how will members be assisted?

Site surveyors will contact brick producers shortly to make an appointment to visit the plant to set up the portal. They will collect information relating to the baseline years and get brick makers up-and-running with monthly monitoring. The plant manager, technical operations manager or the bookkeeper will be the person dealing with the ongoing monitoring of monthly performance data. Users will be shown how to input data for a recent month. The platform will have a monthly online data collection sheet tailored to each production site. Monitoring data on a monthly basis will allow clay brick makers to quickly assess the effect of improvements as they are implemented.

When will the system be ready?

The system will be ready for data collection from October 2018. While data collection is in progress, online  dashboards will be developed to provide comprehensive analysis. This will include GHG reporting as well as a carbon tax assessment and reporting.

How is the data being protected?

EcoMetrix Africa, as an independent sustainability consultant, manages the data collection portal. Access to the portal is only given to participating companies, and each user will only have access to data from its own site or sites. The industry Key Sustainability Indicators are calculated from anonymised, aggregated data.

How does this fit into the EU sustainability project?

The sustainability portal is funded by the Switch Africa Green programme. By providing insights about performance and allowing for benchmarking against sustainability indicators, the potential to improve becomes visible and performance improvement can be managed. In many cases the sustainability indicators look at resource efficiency which can drive profitability and environmental sustainability improvement simultaneously.


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