The CBA represents the clay brick and paver manufacturers of Southern Africa.

We inspire sustainable, contemporary brick architecture and building design in all areas of the built environment: commercial, residential and landscape.

THE VOICE of the clay brick industry

October 2018

CBA President Colin Meyer

"It gives me great pleasure to report on my first three months in office.

Switch Africa Green Project

All members should be aware by now of the Switch Africa Green Sustainability Programme funded by the European Union. You will be contacted soon by a CBA appointed facilitator who will assist you with the submission of your own confidential data. Once complete, each member will benefit from benchmarking themselves against key industry averages such as energy and water consumption. This project is vital for the future sustainability of our industry and I urge you to participate fully.

Changes to Legislation

Our industry faces numerous challenges and the CBA is doing excellent work – often behind the scenes – to represent our members’ interests. Both the Mining Charter and Carbon Tax are punitive pieces of legislation and we continue to lobby both the Minister of Mineral Resources and Treasury in our effort to mitigate the impact. The Technical Committee, under the astute guidance of Nico Mienie, has carried out sterling work in this regard.

Get involved

At my induction at the AGM I spoke about the need to re-ignite interest in our industry and to build up our member participation. To achieve this I undertook to visit each member at least once, to visit ex-members and potential members and to attend at least one regional meeting per region, per year.

To date Mariana and I have visited 26 members and 4 non-members. I have found member visits most enlightening and worthwhile and I look forward to visiting the remaining members over the next two years. I also attended three Roadshows as well as two regional meetings, giving me opportunities to talk to both Full and Associate Members.

I urge members to “get more involved” by attending Regional Meetings as a minimum. Based on my personal experience, the more a member contributes to the Association, the more he or she will understand the industry and benefit accordingly.

Finally, I wish all CBA members prosperity and growth during the balance of 2018.