Welcome to the CBA's new Executive Director!

After a long and extensive search, it is a great pleasure to introduce our new Executive Director, Mariana Lamont.

Mariana Lamont brings a wealth of experience in the industry. As an active member of the CBA Marketing Team for the past decade and CBA Marketing Director in 2017, she has overseen every aspect of the marketing in our organization. She has enthusiastically volunteered her time and skills to us, while working full-time for Ocon Brick for the past 14 years.  

Mariana is excited about the opportunity to bring her energy, commitment, industry experience and organisational abilities to the service of the larger clay brick community. She is extremely passionate about the health, security and environmental benefits clay brick and the future of the construction sector in general.

Mariana has a Marketing & Sales Diploma, and completed various short courses for Architecture, Sales Leadership & Coaching. She is excited to be making the move to the Clay Brick Association and is looking forward to meet each member personally in the months ahead.

Mariana has taking up her official duties as Executive Director full time in the office in January 2018. You can reach Mariana by email at mariana@claybrick.org.za or at the office on 011 805-4206.

As the President of the CBA, I am thrilled that Mariana has accepted the position and feel that her experience in management, stakeholder engagement, professional development, and organizational stewardship has great potential to move the clay brick industry forward in the coming years.

In talking with Mariana earlier this month, she wanted me to share with you that she is excited for the opportunity to serve the CBA - a highly-respected organization that plays such an important role in expanding knowledge and support for clay brick masonry and educating consumers and the public sector about the product’s energy efficiency and sustainability.

“I am proud to be working with such a passionate group of brick makers,” she says. “I look forward to working with staff, board, and members to explore new opportunities and face the challenges of the future.”

Thus, begins a new and compelling chapter for the Clay Brick Association. The appointment of a new Executive Director comes at the perfect time as we have been successful in our application for the Switch Africa Green project that is a very exciting three-year Sustainability Initiative for our industry.

I have no doubt that this will bring new and exciting challenges and successes and I look forward to each and every one of YOU being a part of it. But for now, let’s welcome Mariana in her new position!

Yours sincerely,

Musa Shangase


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