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ABT structural failures at Good Hope Primary School

Clay brick has always been the material of choice for sustainable, low maintenance and long lasting infrastructure. Schools, clinics and houses built over the past 100 years all across South...view more

South African companies, who are among the highest per capita carbon emitters in the world, will soon be compelled by law to tell the government how much greenhouse gas they emit every year....view more

Local and international comparative research continues to demonstrate why clay brick, as a 'green' building material, is so perfect for thermally efficient sustainable construction in South...view more

A recent United States study shows that consumers prefer genuine clay brick exteriors on a national scale. Scoring highest nationally among all ages, races, income levels and household types,...view more

It is our pleasure to present this report on Informal Clay Brick Making in the Eastern Cape and hope it will provide valuable information and a dee

The concepts of Thermal Resistance and Thermal Capacity are explained in laymen’s terms.

That was our biggest and best AGM & Conference ever! We were supported by 75 conference delegates, and a total of 137 people.

Attached is a range of documents related to the Department of Minerals & Energy legislation, guidelines and reuirements

LEED is the most widely used green building rating system in the world with 1.85 million square feet of construction space certifying every day.


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