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Presentations from the 52nd AGM (2015)

That was our biggest and best AGM & Conference ever! We were supported by 75 conference delegates, and a total of 137 people. We believe we succeeded in our goal to create an event that is informative and interesting, where members return to their businesses energised and refreshed after a productive day of networking and shared ideas.

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None of this would be possible without our generous sponsors (see next page), who helped to offset the cost of providing exceptional evening events, superb speakers and all the goodies and giveaways. Please support them wherever you can!

On behalf of the CBA Board of Directors, I want to thank all our members who participated - we hope you found our guest speakers both entertaining and enlightening, and were interested in the CBA Technical and Marketing teams’ feedback and strategies for the year ahead.

After spending time is such beautiful, natural surroundings, we hope to see all CBA members make a renewed commitment to our theme of environmental responsibility and sustainability:

Created by nature, built to last

Thank you to our host Johan and the regional Limpopo team and to the organisers At, Jonathan and Marnie for all their ideas, planning and hard work.

We also thank all the members who contributed their expertise and time with marketing and technical presentations. A set of presentations is available below, and we will be creating a DVD with videos as well as the portraits taken at the Gala Dinner.

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Energy Efficient & Sustainable


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