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EcoMetrix Africa

Associate Member
Henk Sa

Enhancing Energy and Carbon Performance

In our carbon and electricity constrained economy, there is an ever increasing awareness of the effects of climate change and the rising cost of electricity. More and more organisations therefore feel the need to get in control of their energy performance. Instead of a wait and see approach, it can be of strategic competitive value to plan ahead of new environmental policies and to respond to the developing susceptibility of clients towards the environmental impact of your companies' products and services in an early stage.

As a spin-off of JP Morgan/EcoSecurities, EcoMetrix Africa is a leading South African greenhouse gas, energy management and financing consultancy assisting organisations in energy/carbon performance assessments, defining mitigation strategies and developing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Moreover, we assist organisations in determining how to respond to the changing regulatory landscape like the carbon tax and its offsets regulations, energy efficiency policies and incentives as well carbon budgets and greenhouse gas reporting regulations.

The company’s core competencies lie around the quantification and mitigation of GHG emissions, low-carbon energy technologies, assessment of energy performance and an in depth understanding of the South African energy and climate change policies. Moreover, we have a vast experience in carbon financing and other financial incentives that can improve low carbon energy business cases. Our team consists of climate change mitigation and energy experts with academic backgrounds in both economics and engineering

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3rd Floor, Travel House, 6 Hood Avenue, Rosebank, JHB


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