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Colin Myburgh

Building on more than 15 years’ experience manufacturing automated robot brick packing machines in South Africa, RoboBrick continues to offer quality, locally produced machines perfectly suited to African conditions.

We manufacture, assemble and test each machine in our workshops in Cape Town. The entire machine is pre-commissioned before shipping. This process includes:

  • Wiring of all electrical motors to the motor control centre (MCC), direction and run-in tests
  • Wiring of all the sensors and operation checks
  • Piping up all the pneumatic devices and operation checks
  • Setting up and testing the operation of the machine from the operator interface

This process ensures that site installation and commissioning go smoothly and quickly, minimising the downtime of the customer’s plant!

RoboBrick follows a philosophy of constant improvement – new design ideas are tested and modifications that customers have made over the years are also investigated – to make sure the machines leaving our doors are the best they can be.

Our machines are fully 3D modelled. This allows us to identify problems early and optimise designs for our clients’ plants. We typically send our clients a fully 3D rendered model of what the machine will look like in their own plant! Possible bottlenecks and difficult forklift access can then be eliminated.

RoboBrick will deliver a South African designed and made product to your plant and install it for you too, if required. After commissioning, our engineers can remotely log on to the system to provide full backup in case of problems. In addition, a full suite of automated production data is made available in the form of daily automated production reports, dashboards to be viewed on mobile devices (or static monitors) showing live plant performance or even SMS alerts to plant personnel in case of alarms. These services help give our clients peace of mind that their assets are working as hard as they can, 24/7.

Give us a call and we’ll help to automate your plant. We can even assist with financing!ea

079 507 5100
PO Box 815, Durbanville, 7550
2 Paardegberg Road, Durbanville Hills, Durbanville, Cape Town


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