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Promoting green practices in manufacturing

The CBA is committed to maintaining the integrity its members through professional representation in environmental and legislative issues that impact on their business. This includes investing in ongoing research and educational initiatives in line with the environmental benefits and performance of clay bricks in green building.

All members of the CBA are firmly committed to reducing the impact of clay brick manufacture on the environment. Not only do they maximise the use of local resources, they also strive to protect the environment through the use of energy sourced form waste streams of other industries and recycling this waste back into the production process.

In line with best environmental practice, most member factories are also revisiting their operations to reduce air emissions and rehabilitate the environment. This includes looking at process alternatives that will yield good energy saving results.

A critical area of activity is member compliance with all environmental legislation. Through regular interaction with the relevant government departments and bodies, such as DEAT, the Department of Housing and the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, the CBA keeps its members up-to-date on the implications and requirements of new legislation., such as SANS 204, regarding the optimisation of energy efficiencies in buildings.

Where needed, consultants are also appointed to provide specialist support to members. This is further supported by a technical team, who address issues such as lowering emissions, improving air quality and implementing sustainable manufacturing practices.

In addition to the above, the CBA is active on several fronts, including lobbying for better control in building standards. The appalling quality of homes in the affordable housing sector has seen many people living in homes that are poorly constructed and requiring costly repairs. The CBA stands firm on the issue of using the correct building materials and systems, in line with best building practise. This saves time and money and ensures that houses are built right the first time.

The CBA works hard to provide member education and training materials and conducts various marketing and educational initiatives directed at architects, builders and consumers - to improve levels of awareness around clay brick. This achieved through various exhibitions, professional conferences and educational events, like the SAIA CPD lecture. Additionally, the CBA has a comprehensive website, that serves as an interactive tool between the association, members and building professionals alike. The recent launch of the 'Friends of the CBA' is aimed at establishing mutually beneficial relations between industry professionals and the CBA.


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